This Page is all about how I (now Julia Schroder) created this blog.

You'll find a fun video as a continuation of the one posted on my home page.
Also included are credits and my bibliography.

~ Julia Schroder

Funny Video (click here!!!)...

This is the funny continuation of the first video posted on my home page.

Check it out.


Blogger: Julia Schroder as Oliver de Boys

Video Credits:

  Video One:
     Starring - Kyle Burdick as Oliver de Boys
     Co-Starring - Julia Schroder as Orlando de Boys
                          Triway (my dog) as the vicious man-eating cave lion
  Video Two:
     Includes actors mentioned in video one credits
     Also includes Zach (my other dog) as Touchstone
     and Ellie Schroder as the voice of Touchstone


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