Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Confrontation

The day was...

Oh I don't know.


Duke Frederick had apparently "lost" his daughter and his niece, and because some random guy had told him that another lady had said that she had overheard Rosalind and her BFF and cousin, Celia, talking about ORLANDO,

they called me in to find him.

Apparently, they assumed Orlando would be wherever Rosalind and Celia were.

Duke Frederick forced me to go get Orlando. He took away my land and money, everything, so that I would be motivated to go get my little brother.

He also said that if I didn't bring him dead or alive by his deadline (one year from that day) he would...


DUH,             DUH,               DDDUUUUUHHHHHHHH.

I was too blind to see what I had become, and I went to find Orlando in the Forest of Nedra.

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